Wednesday, May 23, 2012

cash pumping from Facebookcash pumping from Facebook

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In order to really get the cash pumping from Facebook™, and
turn this system into a real money maker for all affiliates
and people like you and me, there were three golden rules
that Bobby and Adeel came back with...

1. It had to avoid Facebook™'s strict policies

2. It had to be streamlined and easy to do over and over
without error

3. It had to be as hands free (and QUICK) as possible

So, here is how they did it...

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1. They used sneaky tricks to find products that
certain people go CRAZY for

2. They targeted Facebook™ users who were a perfect match
for their offers... and did it with sniper sharp accuracy

3. They did their homework on modern day sales tactics and
tricks which work perfectly on Facebook™ when done right...
and they didn't need to use any kind of pressure or
hyperbole (which is why most marketers get booted off
Facebook™ and never make any money)

4. They made certain that each cash method had a clear,
simple set of rules to follow in order to duplicate the same
cash windfalls over and over again (instead of starting from
scratch every single time). This drastically increased the
speed of getting started and scaling up.

5. They devised a formula for ramping up the traffic and
profits, and delivering more value to turn people into
rabid buyers, desperate for their offers.

**AND IT WORKED!** In fact, it worked so well,
that's when they decided to roll out more testing
to bigger groups of people.

Guess what? It worked for them too!

After a few weeks, phone calls and emails started rolling
in... people were BUZZING over their results.

The traffic, clicks and sales they were reporting knocked
all of us off our feet.


What have Adeel and Bobby created here? Could this be the
answer we have all been looking for? A f.ree, easy and FUN
way to seriously dominate affiliate marketing on Facebook™?

.....To reach traffic volumes never seen before?
.....To reach paychecks to a level never reached
by others before?


After running more and more campaigns... more offers, more
links, more tests, the results just kept on coming in.

You've seen the numbers already... and they're still growing
as we speak.

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